Array Function


The Array function in Excel VBA can be used to quickly and easily initialize an array. Place a command button on your worksheet and add the following code lines:

1. First, create a variable named departments of type Variant.

Dim departments As Variant

2. Use the Array Function to assign an array to the variable departments. Add the following code line:

departments = Array(“Sales”, “Production”, “Logistics”)

3. To show the element with index 1, add the following code line:

MsgBox departments(1)


Array Function Result

By default, the element’s index of the array starts from 0.

4. Add Option Base 1 to the General Declarations section if you want the index to start from 1.

Add Option Base 1

Result when you click the command button again.

Array Function Result with Option Base 1

For a practical example of the Array function, see our example program Month Names.