Box plot in Excel

In this tutorial you will learn how to insert a box plot into your spreadsheet in Excel. Calculate the median, Q1, Q3, min and max of the data. Calculate box top (Q3-Q2), box middle (Q2-Q1), box low (Q1), positive error (max-Q2) and negative error (Q2-min).data tableClick on INSERT tab, click on Insert Column Chart and then click on Stacked Column.


Right click on the chart and click on Select Data. Select “box low, boxmid and box high” range.

select data source

Right click on the bottom blue bar and change both the OUTLINE and FILL to nothing

outline fill

Click on the + sign, select error bars. Choose series 2. Click on more option. In the task bar to the right select CUSTOM and then SPECIFY VALUE.

custom specify value

add error bars

For positive error values select error up and for negative error values select error down.

custom error bars

That’s it. Box Plot is ready.

Excel Box Plot


You can download the Template here – Download