How To Hide The Content Of A Cell In Excel

In this article you will learn quick trick how to hide content of cell. This trick is really useful and easy. Even beginners can use this trick as well.

To quickly hide the contents of cells in Excel just use custom formatting in cell:

1. Click the cell which content you want to hide.

Cell Top Secret Excel

2. Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL +1. Dialog box appears.

Format Cells Dialog Box

3. Click Custom, go to Type field and enter the value ;;; (three semicolons).

Format Cells Custom Type Semicolons

4. Confirm by clicking OK.

5. The cell contents won’t be visible. As you see the B2 cell looks empty.

Content hidden

6. Remember! Content of cell will be still visible in the Formula Bar! (when you select the cell).

Cell Content visible Formula Bar


You can download the Template here – Download