Basic cmdlets of PowerShell

Add-contentThis cmdlet adds the content to the specified file.
Add-ComputerThis cmdlet adds the local computer to a domain or workgroup.
Add-HistoryThis cmdlet is used to add the command in the history.
Add-jobTriggerThis cmdlet adds the job triggers to the scheduled jobs.
Add-memberThe cmdlet adds the custom methods or properties to an instance of a PowerShell object.
Add-typeThis cmdlet adds a Microsoft .NET framework class to a Windows PowerShell session.
Clear-ContentThis cmdlet deletes the content of a file, but not delete that file.
Clear-HistoryThis cmdlet deletes the entries from the command history.
Clear-ItemThis cmdlet clears the value of item or variable, but not clear that item or a variable.
Clear-ItemPropertyThis cmdlet clears the value of a property but not delete that property.
Clear-VariableThis cmdlet deletes the value of a variable.
Clear-HostThis cmdlet clears the display of the host program.
Copy-ItemPropertyThis cmdlet copies a value and property from a specified location to another location.
Copy-ItemThis cmdlet copies an item from one location to another.
Complete-TransactionThis cmdlet commits the active transaction.
Compare-objectThis cmdlet compares two sets of objects.
Disable-PSBreakpointThis Cmdlet disables the breakpoint in the current console.
Enable-PSBreakpointThis Cmdlet enables the breakpoint in the current console.
Find-packageThis cmdlet finds the software packages in the available packages sources.
Find-scriptThis cmdlet is used to find a script
ForEach-ObjectThis cmdlet performs an operation on each item in a collection of input objects.
Get-AliasThis cmdlet gets the aliases for the current session.
Get-childItemThis cmdlet gets the item and the child items in one or more specified locations.
Get-CommandThis cmdlet is used to get all commands.
Get-ContentThis cmdlet gets the content of the file at the specified location.
Get-DateThis cmdlet is used to get the current date and time.
Get-ExecutionPolicyThis cmdlet gets the execution policy for the current session.
Get-HelpThis cmdlet displays information about PowerShell commands and concepts.
Get-HistoryThis cmdlet displays a list of commands which are entered during the current session.
Get-hostThis cmdlet gets an object which represents the current host program.
Get-InstalledScriptThis cmdlet gets a script which is installed for the current user.
Get-ItemThis cmdlet gets the item or a file at a particular location.
Get-ItemPropertyThis cmdlet gets the properties of a particular item.
Get-LocationThis cmdlet displays the current working location.
Get-PSBreakpointThis cmdlet gets the breakpoint which is set in the current session.
Get-PackageThis cmdlet displays the list of all installed packages by using the package management.
Get-ProcessThis cmdlet gets the processes which are running on local or remote computers.
Get-ServiceThis cmdlet gets the services on local or remote computers.
Get-TransactionThis cmdlet gets the currently active transaction.
Get-VariableThis cmdlet gets the variable in the current console.
Install-packageThis cmdlet is used to install one or more software packages.
Install-scriptThis cmdlet is used to install a script.
Invoke-commandsThis cmdlet executes commands on local and remote computers.
Move-ItemThis cmdlet is used to move an item from one location to another.
Move-ItemPropertyThis cmdlet is used to move the property of an item from one location to another.
New-aliasThis cmdlet creates a new alias.
New-ItemThis cmdlet creates a new item.
New-ItemPropertyThis cmdlet creates a new property for an item and sets its value.
New-ServiceThis cmdlet creates a new Window service.
New-variableThis cmdlet creates a new variable.
Read-HostThis cmdlet reads a line of inputs from the console.
Remove-computerThis cmdlet removes a local computer from its domain.
Remove-ItemThis cmdlet deletes the particular item.
Remove-ItemPropertyThis cmdlet deletes the property & its value from an item.
Remove-jobThis cmdlet removes the background job of Windows PowerShell.
Remove-PSBreakpointThis cmdlet deletes the breakpoint from the current console.
Remove-variableThis cmdlet deletes a variable with its value.
Rename-computerThis cmdlet is used to rename a computer.
Restart-ServiceThis cmdlet stops and starts one or more services.
Restart-computerThis cmdlet is used to restart the Windows operating system on local and remote computers.
Resume-jobThis cmdlet is used to restart a suspended job.
Save-HelpIt is used to download and save the newest help files to a file system directory.
Save-packagesThis cmdlet is used to save the packages to the local computer without installing them.
Save-ScriptThis cmdlet is used to save a script.
Select-stringThis cmdlet is used to find the text in string or files.
Send-MailMessageThis cmdlet is used to send an e-mail message.
Set-AliasThis cmdlet creates or changes the alias for a cmdlet in the current Windows PowerShell.
Set-contentThis cmdlet writes the content in a file.
Set-DateThis cmdlet changes the time of the system.
Set-ItemThis cmdlet changes the value of an item to the value specified in the command.
Set-ItemPropertyThis cmdlet change or creates the value of the property of an item.
Set-LocationThis cmdlet is used to set the current working location to a particular location.
Set-PSBreakpointThis cmdlet sets a breakpoint on a command, line or a variable.
Set-ScheduledJobThis cmdlet changes the scheduled Job.
Set-ServiceThis cmdlet stops, start and suspend services, and changes its properties.
Set-variableThis cmdlet sets the value of the variable.
Show-commandThis cmdlet creates the Windows PowerShell commands in a graphical command Window.
Sort-ObjectThis cmdlet sorts the object by the property value.
Start-JobThis cmdlet starts a background job of Windows PowerShell.
Start-ProcessThis cmdlet starts on or more process on a local computer.
Start-servicesThis cmdlet starts one or more services which are stopped.
Start-transactionThis cmdlet starts a transaction.
Stop-ComputerThis cmdlet shut down the local and remote computers.
Stop-JobThis cmdlet stops a background job of Windows PowerShell.
Stop-ProcessThis cmdlet stops one or more processes.
Stop-ServicesThis cmdlet stops one or more running services.
Suspend-jobsThis cmdlet temporarily stops the workflow jobs.
Suspend-ServiceThis cmdlet suspends or pauses one or more running services.
Undo-transactionThis cmdlet rollbacks the active transaction.
Uninstall-moduleThis cmdlet is used to uninstall a module.
Uninstall-PackageThis cmdlet uninstalls one or more packages of software.
Unregister-ScheduledJobThis cmdlet deletes the scheduled jobs on the local computer
Update-HelpThis cmdlet is used to download and installs the newest help files on the computer.
Write-OutputThis cmdlet sends the particular object down the pipeline to the next command.