How to Calculate WACC?

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How to Calculate WACC?

Before calculating the Weighted Average Cost of Capital, it is crucial to have some kind of data.

This data would looks something like this:

wacc table data

Click on B7 (1), and type in =B4+B5*(B6-B4) (2), and press enter, to calculate the cost of equity.


Note: If the result shows number, just change it to percentage with the format cell.

Click on cell beside debt’s expenses (1), and type in =B11*(1-B12) (2), and then press enter.


Click on the cell beside Value (1), and type =E4*E5 (2), to calculate the value on Equity’s amount.


Click on beside the value under debt’s amount (1), and type in =E11*E12, and then enter.

debt value

Click beside Total capital (1), and type in =E6+E13 (2).

total capital

Click on the cell beside WACC (1), type =B7*E6/E15+B13*E13/E15, and press enter.

wacc calculations

This is how to calculate WACC in Excel.


You can download the Template here – Download

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