Double Dash In Sumproduct Formulas

In any given condition, where we are looking for something specific within our data. Like how much we have made from one particular product, or how much we make from one of our stores. Or any condition that we just want answer to some part of the whole data.


Double dash in SUMPRODUCT formula is the perfect solution to getting this result.


In this condition, we have sold our products in different places, and have different products. But, this time, we would like to know the net revenue from South. Our data looks like this:

double dash data table

Click on an empty cell (1), and type in =SUMPRODUCT(–(D4:D8=”South”);E4:E8) – SUMPRODUCT(–(D4:D8=”South”);F4:F8) (2).

double dash sumproduct formula

Note: We’d subtract expenses from revenue for only South. How you use the SUMPRODUCT with double dash lies on what you would like the formula to obtain from the whole data.

Now you can use excel–