You can edit Excel files with Excel Online from anywhere without having Excel installed on your computer.

1. First, save an Excel file to your OneDrive location.

2. Go to and sign in with your Microsoft account.

3. Click an Excel file.

Click an Excel File in OneDrive

Excel Online opens the workbook in the browser.

4. Edit your Excel file.

Excel Online

Note: there is no need to save your Excel file since all changes are being saved automatically. Not all features are available in Excel Online.

Let’s take a look at one cool new feature that is only available when you save an Excel file to your OneDrive location.

5. Go to

6. Upload a data set to your OneDrive location.

Upload an Excel File to OneDrive

7. Open the Excel file in Excel Online.

8. On the View tab, click New Sheet View.

New Sheet View

Excel changes the color of the column and row headers (see picture below) to remind you that a view is active.

9. Use Excel Online to sort and filter this data set.

Use Excel Online to Sort and Filter

10. To save this sheet view, simply type a new name and press Enter.

Save Sheet View

11. Now you can quickly switch between two different sheet views (Mia and Default).

Default View

Conclusion: if you’re sharing this Excel file with multiple people, everyone can save his/her own sheet view and everyone can see each other’s view. Any changes to this data set will automatically be saved to all sheet views. That’s pretty cool.