Show Yes/No As The Values In A Pivot Table In Excel

Show Yes/No As the Values in a Pivot Table Showing the yes/no value in the pivot table has multiple steps to it. The first thing you’d need is to have data like this:


data table yes no1. Click on an empty cell beside the value(1), and type =IF(B4>4500,”Yes”,”No”)

(2). Finally, double click on the small square on the low right corner of the result (3).

empty cell create formula

2. Mark the data (1), click insert (2), and then click Pivot Table (3).

insert pivot table yes no

3. Click ok

4. Check a label, which in this case is the (name).

pivot table fields name

Note: Check the unique too.

5. Click and drag name to row, and do the same thing with unique.

click drag name

Note: The name and unique were dragged here.

The Pivot would look something like this:

ready yes no pivot table


You can download the Template here – Download