Line Chart in Excel

In this lesson you can learn how to plot line chart.

You can use line chart to show changes in trends over the time. In this case, we focus on sales. Prepare the necessary data in the table.

Excel Line Chart table sale results

That’s like your chart will looks like:

Example Line Chart

Let’s learn step by step how to plot a line graph.

First select the sales data in 4th, 5th and 6th row.

Excel Line Chart sale results table selected data

Second go to the ribbon. Here you find the Insert tab. Click the button Line to plot Line Graph.

Excel Line Chart Insert Chart Ribbon

From the drop-down menu select the first of the charts (2-D Line Chart).

Excel Line Chart 2D line chart insert

You must improve this chart.

Excel Line Chart example line chart

Let’s start by inserting the title. In the Layout tab, go to the Labels section and press the Chart Title (above chart).

Excel Line Chart

Let’s do something with Axis. Click on the data series, right-click and choose Select Data.

Excel Line Chart Select Data

In the dialog box that appears, edit the horizontal axis labels. Then choose the range axis labels. Simply select the year from the table data. Now the data series in the chart now looks as it should.

Excel Line Chart Select Data Source Edit Data Source

Your line chart is ready.

Example Line Chart

If necessary, Excel allows us to next modify the chart. For example, you can change colors or add data labels. With such a chart prepared for any meeting of the board will not be terrible for you.


You can download the Template here – Download