How To Insert Chart Title From A Cell In Excel

Inserting chart title from a cell in Excel can easily be done, and we are going to do it together. In this Excel tutorial you will teach yourself how to insert dynamic chart title from the cell.

How to Insert Chart Title from a Cell?

Surprisingly, it would only take two simple steps. But first, have a look at this chart that we will insert a title into, from a cell:


Click on the chart title

click chart title

Click on the formula (1), type in =Sheet1$C$1 (2), and then enter.

click formula enter

Note: The sheet1 is the name of spreadsheet, while $C$1 is the cell we want to get title from.

How to insert dynamic chart title from the cell?

First prepare some data table.

data table

Create a chart without a title. If you created one just click on the title and delete it.

Example chart without title

Go to the ribbon to the Design tab which just appeared. Click Add Chart Element button. From the list choose Chart Title and select Above Chart or Centered Overlay.

ribbon chart title above chart

In the formula bar type = and click the cell which contains the title for your chart.

Chart title from cell

For me it is =Sheet1!$A$1. Sheet1 is the name of my worksheet and A1 is the cell which contains the chart title.

Dynamic chart title from cell ready


You can download the Template here – Download