Find And Replace

In this lesson you can learn how to find and replace text in Excel.


Begin by finding the HSBC company in a long list of data in the table. Click Find is located on the Home click on the binoculars Find & Select.

Excel find and replace find select ribbon button

A much simpler way of launching is to select the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F In the window that opens, enter the required name and click Find Next.

Excel Find And Replace

Active cell is moved to first place in which there is text.

Excel Find and Replace Cell

After the second click Find Next move to the next cell in which such name is registered or nothing will happen, which means that this name appears only once.

Find within entire workbook

Sometimes you may want to find within every sheets. To do that click Options

Excel Find and Replace Options

Choose Workbook.

Excel Find and Replace within Workbook

Now Excel will be finding within entire workbook.


Replace command is also often used to remove unwanted characters in the cells. In this example, it was considered that the word HSBC is unnecessary for me. Select the area you want to delete this word.

Excel Replace Selected Area

Open the Find and Replace. Type the word ‘HSBC’ with a space located after it in the window Replace.

Excel Replace HSBC

Pane Replace with blank. Click on Replace All.

Excel Replace HSBC replaced

You made it. The word “HSBC” disappeared.


You can download the Template here – Download